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…Share Some News (Part 2) -OR- …Talk About Work

Welcome back to this new style of blogging I am trying out.  I want to keep the posts shorter when I talk, and I want to keep them more spaced out.  At least this way, I will be able to put down all my thoughts without you all drowning in them (and inform me if 3 hours between posts is reasonable enough.  I can surely extend the time between when I have longer ideas like this.).


So I’m still looking for work.  At the same time, I am trying to figure out what I really want to do.  I know I want to write and I know that down the road I want to write for online media.  I would love to get into product reviews and informational pieces because that’s what interests me most (next to gaming).  

While I was looking, an old friend told me that her father was looking for a writer for his projects.  Little did I know, his projects pretty much lined up with what I want to do.  I also didn’t know that he had been a pretty successful internet business pioneer way back in the nineties.  

We met up and talked about it and I’m really excited for this opportunity to get to do something I have been wanting to do.  The hardest part will be getting it off the ground so that it starts to make some money, but I’m sure we can do it soon enough.

The details of my work include: Doing research on products and doing reviews on products.  Currently I’m reviewing the AMAZER FoLDo Universal Tablet Stand.  I hope to get it tested and the review written up soon.  I also hope the Consumer Review site that I will be writing for goes live soon.  I’m really excited to get something out there on the net and have people learn something.  

I am really excited for this and I know that in the least, I will learn something great about freelancing.  


As a final note here, I’m going to link you to the site that is already up.  It’s a site that’s set up around interviews of people who take things and turn them into robotic things.  

It’s an awesome site and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from the (currently few) posts.  (I also hope to help him post more on this site)

Maker Masters


…Am Excited

I’m going to give it another week or two before I celebrate, but today I dropped under 220 for the first time since last semester!  218.9 is what my scale told me today.  It’s not securely in the 210’s yet, so I’m not going to be too excited, cause it can easily go right back above.  

I’d love to keep it going today, but it’s gross and rainy out.  This is not running weather at all.  At least I have some weights I can do some stuff with.


New Doctor at 9(EST) tonight.  BBC America.  I will be there, fuck my homework.


I finished all work for my Short Story class last night.  That included revisions on two papers, printing of about 10 papers for the portfolio in the class, and writing a notebook entry for 4/12 - 5/10 (I felt like getting ahead). The only thing that’s left is for me to get a folder so I can hand all of it in.  

I read another third of Brave New World last night too.  I’m greatly enjoying it and I wondered why I watched the movie first (Gattaca [That was a joke]).  Today will include finishing the book, writing 2 one-page reflections on the style, tone, theme… of the book, writing a 6-8 page paper on something that I feel is common between it and 1984 (I think I’ll leave out The Trial, it feels too different [two of the books are on Utopias, and I might want to use something of that nature for the paper), and a 5 page character revision for my character writing class.  That will finish off three of my four classes today so I can finish my fourth tomorrow (save for the edits I have to do for a class project), and start on work for my fifth.

I will be updating the list I made yesterday too.  But that’s more for me than for you.


…Love the Weather (Cardio 6)

Today’s workout was pretty easy, there really isn’t anything I can divulge without saying the same old stuff.  The only thing that did strike me was my ability to do the split squats.  I believe the problem before was the cold weather.  As soon as it warms up (today is 50) my knees can usually take more of a beating.  Also, today was my 50th scheduled workout.  Hooray me!


So I said yesterday that I was going to be writing; I lied.  Lately my battery has been going to shit and turning off around 30%.  I decided I should do my battery run yesterday to see if I could get any more life out of it. [A battery run is charging to 100%, running until dead, charging to 100% while off, leaving it plugged in two extra hours, then running the battery again.  This usually forces the battery manager to function properly]  I do believe I have more life in it now, which is good.  However, because I had to run the battery yesterday, I watched Youtube and played Okamiden.

The battery is almost 2 years old and has 550 cycles on it.  It still gets about 3 to 4 hours, but I’m used to so much more.  I don’t want to be forced to get a new battery until I’m out of school.


Today is beautiful.  It’s 36 currently and my widget says it should be getting up to 50.  The fiancee and I have planned to do something (after I finish writing my draft) that involves going out.  I suggested Vermont since it’s only 45 minutes away.  Now all we have to do is figure out what to do in Chester or Bennington (the two closest places, also the name of on of my favorite vocalists).  

I should get cracking on my work so we can do something today.  Pictures will follow if we do anything really nice.


Average/High HR : 105/142

…Are a Good Stoodint

I decided to do my homework for the first half of the week yesterday.  This time it only took me four hours because one of my classes didn’t have any work due.  At least I know that when I need to do my homework, I can get it done between 4 and 10 hours.  

I feel all this blogging is really helping my writing.  Being able to go somewhere and get rid of all the informal bullshit allows me to write a little better every time I go and do another paper.  It’s also helping me develop a better voice for my works (the more I learn about myself through this, the more I can add to my writing).

The McKinney Writing Contest is coming up next month, so I need to get on setting everything up to enter it.  The prizes are $300 for first prize, $175 for second, and $75 for third.  There are also many different categories to get prizes in, which is good.  Now I can enter a great personal essay and have a chance at winning something because I won’t have to worry about a great piece of art, or animation concept.  

I’m going to send in two of my four essays from last semester that I wrote for Creative Writing: NonFiction.  One of them is titled “Blue,” I am not sure which other one I will enter just yet.  I’m going to decide over the next week, and then post both entries up for viewing after I enter them.  


Superbowl is today, I’m excited for Old Spice Guy to come back.