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…Share Some News (Part 1) -OR- …Talk About My Fitness

I have not been completely up-to-date with my followers or random readers.  This series of posts should alleviate that.  

So, as many of you know, I have been doing the sit-up and push-up challenges.  They were going fantastically until we got that heat wave.  Because I do not have air conditioning in my house (or a way to properly ventilate the heat out), I was stuck not really being able to do the challenge.  

Where does that leave me?  

Firstly, it doesn’t leave me as a failure.  As far as I’m concerned, I succeeded because I did something I wasn’t able to do before.  To be honest, in the first place I was just doing this as a joke.  If I do call this the “end” of the challenges, I can happily say that I have done well.

This morning I recorded 50 pushups (5 times more than I could do 5 weeks ago), 70 sit-ups (2 times more than I could do 5 weeks ago), and 130 jumping jacks (just because). 

I’m proud of myself and I feel I have done more than I ever thought possible, even if I didn’t make the 100 pushups or 200 sit-ups.

Secondly, it doesn’t mean I’m done.  I’ll still be doing the challenge for the most part.  The only difference is I will be taking it slower and I will not be updating on it as regularly.  I would still love to do the 100 pushups and 200 sit-ups, I just won’t be as hard-pressed to do them.

Finally, I’m awesome (I couldn’t think of anything there, so I’ll just go tooting my own horn). 


…Hate The Heat Of The World (W6D1)

I waited an extra day to start this workout because of work.  Now I don’t want to do it because today is really REALLY hot.  Oh boy.


Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 50/50 - 190
SU: 60/60 - 195

…Am Far Too Hot (W5D3)

It’s far too hot.  This weather makes me a sad panda.



Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 45/45 - 175
SU: 67/67 - 261

…Am Awesome (W5D2)


I really enjoied today’s challenges.  It changed, and will stay changed, to 7 or more sets instead of the 5 from before.  This allows me more rest time and less reps in each set.  I found it almost too difficult before when it was 5 sets of over 40, now it’s 7 sets of 20 and 1 set of 40 instead.

I don’t recall giving any sort of update on how the challenges are making me look, so I shall get into that now.  Awesome.  I look awesome.  Yes, I still have a little flab on the sides and in the front; yes, I have a long way to go but my back and front have become much more defined.  Margaret has commented about my back being much more muscle-y (and I have to believe her because I have no idea how different it actually is).

I have surely noticed that my front side has flattened more.  I’m very pleased with the shape I’m taking.  It has gotten to the point where I am finally comfortable for the first time in my life to wear a tight tank-top (wife-beater, w/e) in public (or wear one period).  I hope the flattening continues and I hope that when I’m done with the challenges I can start losing weight because being stuck at 220 sucks. 


On the job front, the interview I had was okay.  I wasn’t too impressed by the place but I gave it my all because I really would like to have a writing position.  He asked for me to send a sample tech piece and my transcript (please reply and tell me if you have ever heard of that, I never have).  

I finally got the chance to send them in today and within 5 minutes I got a reply that he would not be extending me a job at this point in time.  Why he had to string me like that?  I don’t know.  I’m not too hurt by it because it literally took me 10 minutes to get set up.

Could it have been the fact that when I explained my transcript in the email it turned him off?  It honestly shouldn’t matter.  I did TECHNICALLY have a 3.4 in major when I graduated.  Just because my transcript says 2.5, doesn’t mean anything.  That is from failed attempts at other majors and just shows how hard I try to find what’s good for me.  It proves that I’m persistant and will look for the right thing when I really want to.

Well, their loss.  :-D


Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 40/40 - 160
SU: 60/60 - 240

PS : There.  A quality post.  That made me feel fantastic.

…Have an Interview (W5D1)

Well, I have an interview today.  I’m nervous.

I’m not making a long post because of the nerves, you know how it goes.


Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 35/35 - 145
SU: 52/52 - 217

…Take a Stress Test

So I figured that I should go ahead and do my stress tests today for my challenges.  From now until the end of the challenges (2 more weeks), I will be working out on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  

Good news - I did 42 push-ups and 55 sit-ups.  
Bad news - I need to do 100 push-ups and 200 push-ups by the end of another two weeks. 

I can see the improvement and I can see the possibility, but I can also see that I may need to repeat week 6 a couple of times before I can make either of the final goals possible.  


…Apply For Jobs (W4D3)

So many jobs.  Eugh.


Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 34/33 - 131
SU: 53/50 - 200

…Have a Confession (W4D2)

I broke down yesterday.  I broke down BAD.  I had a full day (14 hours w/o break) but when I got into work, I just couldn’t move.  It was as if the walls were tightening around me.  I began to feel anxious, claustrophobic.  A thought rushed through my mind: I’m never going to leave this place.  I tried my hardest to work yesterday, but most of the time I couldn’t do anything.  

About halfway through the day I went out to get some air and ended up just sitting in my car for 45 minutes on the phone with my mother.

Do I feel better after that?  Physically, yes.  My mind is still not happy with what I need to go through until I can find a job/career I’m proud of.  I just feel like such a failure when I walk into the job.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that people who choose to work there are failures, but I just know I can do so much more.  I love that people can do retail and love it, but I am not one of those people.  

I have an interview on Wednesday next week for a PR position at a computer repair company in Syracuse.  I hope it goes well.  


In other news : I have to do some work today.  Last week I bought a nice leather -expandable folder - portfolio and I hope to fill it with writing samples.  I will be preparing some of my documents for printing, and some will be pieces I wrote on this blog.   Now I wish to pose a question:
Other than the few samples I have posted (“Blue,” “If Only,” and “Warped”), what should I include from this blog in my portfolio?

If you don’t remember things I have posted, don’t worry about going back and re-reading everything.  I would just like to know what really stood out as a post that captured my sense of style, voice, and intelligence.   


Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 30/28 - 115
SU: 45/42 - 173

… (W4D1)

Yeah, I got nothing.  Everything is boring.  I need a new job still.

Also, I swear : Good update soon.


Done/Minimum - Total
PU: 26/25 - 98
SU: 43/38 - 151

…Take the Day Off (W3D3)

I got work off today so I went to the mall with Margaret.  We also scoped out a place we both have an interview at.  That’s it for today.  I need to go out and buy some resume paper and some portfolio stuff.


Done/Minimum - Total
PU: 21/21 - 88
SU: 32/32 - 134