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This blog is here for entertainment and informational purposes.

What I choose to write here are snippets of things I read, hear, and think of.  My main goal of this blog is to get my voice out there.  I know that I have a very harsh opinion on many things and I happen to like a whole lot, so I wish to share that with the world.


The title “Often I…”, is supposed to be a fun little way of me to segue into posts about different things.  I try to complete the sentence with something that will envelop my topic.  It’s fun for me, and I hope it’s fun for the people who read my little blog.


I now wish to expand the scope of this blog and make it about my weight loss/maintenance as well.

As of 2011 - I have began another stint of weight loss.  The first was the summer of 2010.  After a year of college where I was madly depressed (more on that in the blogs themselves), I gained roughly 70 pounds (from 190 up to 260).  The summer of 2010 left me at 220, and that is where I’ve stayed. (Due to school I hadn’t had much of a chance to lose any more weight)  To be truthful, I gained about 5 pounds back.  

Now that I’m home, I wish to start again and get the rest of the way down.  I am going for 180-200 pound range so my goal is only 25-45 pounds away.  I will be happy though if I do lose the fat (I understand muscle weight).  I kind of want to have abs for once in my life, and I kind of want to look at myself in the mirror and get lost (Whatever, call me gay, I’m over it).


I had my way of losing weight during the summer but I felt I needed to go about it differently in this new year.  During the summer, I had to get tooth implants so I was forced to change my diet.  This helped IMMENSELY.  I coupled this with the Couch to 5K Program.

The program helped me get my stamina and carido (also my calves) up to a level where it has never been.  Because I was at school, I lost all ambition to be seen doing a lot.  It was also difficult for me to work out everything because I really didn’t know what to do.  

I heard about EA Sports Active 2 recently and though a lot of research, I have decided to buy it (after an Amazon Trade-In).  I have seen success stories from the first “game” and so I have great expectations for what this can do for me.  I plan on trying out the 90 Day program and blogging about it.   


After the 90 day program was complete I did the 30 day cardio program that was included as well.  Both of them packed on the muscle, but I didn’t see any real loss of weight.  However, as soon as I moved from inside to jogging outdoors, I noticed a drop in my weight instantly; I lost about 5 pounds in four weeks.  Hopefully this continues so I can reach my goal on time.


Anywho, this is just here to be an explanation of what my blog is about.

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