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…Share Some News (Part 3) -OR- …Talk About Life

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I really want from my life.  I currently have a few things down as long term goals.

Move to Vermont
When I tell people I want to move to Vermont, they ask me why.  When I think about it, it just makes sense.  Everyone I know from the state shares very similar mindsets to me and they’re all super nice.  

It’s also very similar to New York in a lot of ways climate-wise.  I enjoy the winters and summers here, but the lake-effect snow does often get boring.  

I have also been into and through the state a few times and out of all the states I’ve been to, I’ve loved the atmosphere the most.  It just feels right.  Of coure, if I ever get an itch forNew York, it’s not really that hard to cross the border.

And as a kicker, I love maple syrup and trees.  

Teach People in Some Way
I love to learn.  I love to share what I learn with other people.  I love when other people know more and have a thirst to know more.  It’s only natural that I would want to share information with people.  

If people learn from me because I’m a teacher or because I’m a well-followed blogger, I don’t care.  I want to be the source of some kind of information to someone.  I love the feeling I get when people tell me the didn’t know something until they talked to me.   

Get Written Work Published
This is my main goal.  I want to be featured somewhere that isn’t of my own creation.  I want many people reading something I wrote and I want to have fans of some sort.  

With this new project I’m working on with Bill Griggs (over at Maker Masters and other related sites), it seems a little closer than I originally imagined.  It’s exciting to know that I may have one of my goals checked off so soon.  

Of course, after I get published in some way, I will continue to do my writing because it’s what I love to do.  It makes me happy and calms me down.  that’s all the really matters to me.  If it can help me pay the bills, the more power to it.


Because of my current project, I am deciding to organize my life a little better.  I bought a nice note binder from Staples a couple weeks ago and today I finally got around to putting sections in.  They currently are:  ”Overall ‘To Do’s’,” “Life Plans,” “Reviews/Article Notes,” “Craft Ideas,” Video/Blog Ideas” (This will be covered in my next post), and “Shit I Want.”  

There isn’t too much in the notebook right now, but what I do have in there should sprout to life more great things to come.


(EDIT : So It’s a good thing I now know that when I type in 6PM on the queue, it sends it one hour later.  Good to know.  Sorry for the spam)

…Share Some News (Part 2) -OR- …Talk About Work

Welcome back to this new style of blogging I am trying out.  I want to keep the posts shorter when I talk, and I want to keep them more spaced out.  At least this way, I will be able to put down all my thoughts without you all drowning in them (and inform me if 3 hours between posts is reasonable enough.  I can surely extend the time between when I have longer ideas like this.).


So I’m still looking for work.  At the same time, I am trying to figure out what I really want to do.  I know I want to write and I know that down the road I want to write for online media.  I would love to get into product reviews and informational pieces because that’s what interests me most (next to gaming).  

While I was looking, an old friend told me that her father was looking for a writer for his projects.  Little did I know, his projects pretty much lined up with what I want to do.  I also didn’t know that he had been a pretty successful internet business pioneer way back in the nineties.  

We met up and talked about it and I’m really excited for this opportunity to get to do something I have been wanting to do.  The hardest part will be getting it off the ground so that it starts to make some money, but I’m sure we can do it soon enough.

The details of my work include: Doing research on products and doing reviews on products.  Currently I’m reviewing the AMAZER FoLDo Universal Tablet Stand.  I hope to get it tested and the review written up soon.  I also hope the Consumer Review site that I will be writing for goes live soon.  I’m really excited to get something out there on the net and have people learn something.  

I am really excited for this and I know that in the least, I will learn something great about freelancing.  


As a final note here, I’m going to link you to the site that is already up.  It’s a site that’s set up around interviews of people who take things and turn them into robotic things.  

It’s an awesome site and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from the (currently few) posts.  (I also hope to help him post more on this site)

Maker Masters


…Share Some News (Part 1) -OR- …Talk About My Fitness

I have not been completely up-to-date with my followers or random readers.  This series of posts should alleviate that.  

So, as many of you know, I have been doing the sit-up and push-up challenges.  They were going fantastically until we got that heat wave.  Because I do not have air conditioning in my house (or a way to properly ventilate the heat out), I was stuck not really being able to do the challenge.  

Where does that leave me?  

Firstly, it doesn’t leave me as a failure.  As far as I’m concerned, I succeeded because I did something I wasn’t able to do before.  To be honest, in the first place I was just doing this as a joke.  If I do call this the “end” of the challenges, I can happily say that I have done well.

This morning I recorded 50 pushups (5 times more than I could do 5 weeks ago), 70 sit-ups (2 times more than I could do 5 weeks ago), and 130 jumping jacks (just because). 

I’m proud of myself and I feel I have done more than I ever thought possible, even if I didn’t make the 100 pushups or 200 sit-ups.

Secondly, it doesn’t mean I’m done.  I’ll still be doing the challenge for the most part.  The only difference is I will be taking it slower and I will not be updating on it as regularly.  I would still love to do the 100 pushups and 200 sit-ups, I just won’t be as hard-pressed to do them.

Finally, I’m awesome (I couldn’t think of anything there, so I’ll just go tooting my own horn). 


…Hate The Heat Of The World (W6D1)

I waited an extra day to start this workout because of work.  Now I don’t want to do it because today is really REALLY hot.  Oh boy.


Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 50/50 - 190
SU: 60/60 - 195

…Am Far Too Hot (W5D3)

It’s far too hot.  This weather makes me a sad panda.



Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 45/45 - 175
SU: 67/67 - 261

…Am Awesome (W5D2)


I really enjoied today’s challenges.  It changed, and will stay changed, to 7 or more sets instead of the 5 from before.  This allows me more rest time and less reps in each set.  I found it almost too difficult before when it was 5 sets of over 40, now it’s 7 sets of 20 and 1 set of 40 instead.

I don’t recall giving any sort of update on how the challenges are making me look, so I shall get into that now.  Awesome.  I look awesome.  Yes, I still have a little flab on the sides and in the front; yes, I have a long way to go but my back and front have become much more defined.  Margaret has commented about my back being much more muscle-y (and I have to believe her because I have no idea how different it actually is).

I have surely noticed that my front side has flattened more.  I’m very pleased with the shape I’m taking.  It has gotten to the point where I am finally comfortable for the first time in my life to wear a tight tank-top (wife-beater, w/e) in public (or wear one period).  I hope the flattening continues and I hope that when I’m done with the challenges I can start losing weight because being stuck at 220 sucks. 


On the job front, the interview I had was okay.  I wasn’t too impressed by the place but I gave it my all because I really would like to have a writing position.  He asked for me to send a sample tech piece and my transcript (please reply and tell me if you have ever heard of that, I never have).  

I finally got the chance to send them in today and within 5 minutes I got a reply that he would not be extending me a job at this point in time.  Why he had to string me like that?  I don’t know.  I’m not too hurt by it because it literally took me 10 minutes to get set up.

Could it have been the fact that when I explained my transcript in the email it turned him off?  It honestly shouldn’t matter.  I did TECHNICALLY have a 3.4 in major when I graduated.  Just because my transcript says 2.5, doesn’t mean anything.  That is from failed attempts at other majors and just shows how hard I try to find what’s good for me.  It proves that I’m persistant and will look for the right thing when I really want to.

Well, their loss.  :-D


Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 40/40 - 160
SU: 60/60 - 240

PS : There.  A quality post.  That made me feel fantastic.

…Have an Interview (W5D1)

Well, I have an interview today.  I’m nervous.

I’m not making a long post because of the nerves, you know how it goes.


Done/Minimum - Total 
PU: 35/35 - 145
SU: 52/52 - 217

So I linked to a video of an acoustic version of this a week or so ago but I was wishing for a better quality one.  It looks like LP love me.

This is the best thing ever.

Linking Park - “Rolling In The Deep (Cover)” 

…Take a Stress Test

So I figured that I should go ahead and do my stress tests today for my challenges.  From now until the end of the challenges (2 more weeks), I will be working out on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  

Good news - I did 42 push-ups and 55 sit-ups.  
Bad news - I need to do 100 push-ups and 200 push-ups by the end of another two weeks. 

I can see the improvement and I can see the possibility, but I can also see that I may need to repeat week 6 a couple of times before I can make either of the final goals possible.  


If you read this, you must do 100 jumping jacks RIGHT NOW. I don’t care if you’re busy, JUST DO IT. When you’re done, you will either like or reblog this post and as a reward I will follow you if I find your blog interesting :-) If I don’t get any notes, I will know that you didn’t do it, which shows your total lack of willpower. DO IT!

Phew.  That was more tiring than I thought it would be, but I managed to do it.  Maybe if I had read this BEFORE my push-up and sit-up challenges.


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